The Brook Project

Scope of Project

Area of attention:

Dining Room & Foyer

Initial deficiency:

Creating a formal dining room space to entertain guests while incorporating a separate seating area. For the foyer, a functioning entry space with storage for everyday items for the family and pets.


Incorporating elements of polished coastal items to reflect the style of East Beach living. Overall, creating a functioning foyer and a dining room fit to entertain guests.

New elements we incorporated in the design:

A new dining table with 6 dining chairs atop a new colorful rug, a sideboard with a marble top, a chandelier for the dining space, a bookcase, four large comfy seating chairs, brass sconces flanking a new piece of artwork, a floor lamp, faux greenery, misc. decor, and curtains to tie the space together. For the foyer, new pendant lighting, a console table and bench area for storage and a place to put your shoes on.



Mood Board


3D Renderings