The Industrial Cottage offers the following range of design services, suited to your specific needs and budget. Members of our design team are expert in both residential and commercial design and pride themselves on their ability to bring your vision to life. We never impose our vision on your space­—with access to their in-house workshop, our designers can make what you already have the best it can be!

What to expect?

Fill out the contact form below. Within 24hrs one of our team members will reach out by email with our available appointments, a design survey, and the invoice for your consultation fee of $150. At your in-store consultation you will get one on one time to discuss your goals for the space, your style, and Molly’s recommendations for your space. Within 1 week of your appointment, you will receive your personalized mood board with links to each product.

 What’s included:

A $50 gift card to our store.

A 1hr in-store consultation with Molly – Owner to discuss your space and cover any questions you have.

A personalized mood board for one room that combines both your existing pieces as well as new items to refresh your space.

We will include links to any new items and quotes for any recommended services.

Standard Design Services


Consultation: $250.00

This one-time non-refundable fee includes a visit to your home or business to establish your needs, goals, ideas, lifestyle, and desired budget. This meeting in your space will help define the scope of the project and our ability to meet your design goals. During this visit, we will take measurements and photos of the space. If there is a good fit, we will move forward with your project.

Hourly Rate: $200.00/Hr.

Billable hours include sourcing furniture, onsite visits (including travel, if outside the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area), time spent with vendors, drafting and design time.

Furniture and Goods Pricing Model

Because we are a retail store, we try to source as many pieces as possible from our own inventory. When we are able, design clients receive a 25% discount on all store products and a 25% discount on all work completed in our workroom. When we cannot meet a specific product need in-house, we turn to sourcing from fellow retailers with whom we have established relationships. (When this happens, we provide products to you at our cost, plus 20%.)


We require payment in full before placing orders for fabric, wallpaper and furniture. All orders for custom pieces are non-returnable. If you are having work completed in our workroom, a deposit of 50% is required. (Please note that you may receive an additional bill for shipping once items are received.)